The top right represents my interest in music, there is also my favorite album. The two cars are my dream cars. The middle left is also one of my favorite albums. I like sneakers and watching Netflix. I also like basketball and the cartoon, amazing world of gumball. I have a preference for iPhones. My dream school is USC. I like playing video games.

Depth of Field Explained

Depth of Field is the part of a photo that will appear sharp and is in focus. Images can vary in depth in field, some having blurred backgrounds, some having both the foreground and background in focus. There are 3 main things that affect and manipulate depth of field: aperture, lens and subject distance, and focal length of the lens. Aperture controls how big or small the hole is of the camera. A smaller f-number will be a wider aperture, giving shallow depth of field. A larger f-number will have a smaller aperture having a deeper depth of field, having more background in focus. Another factor is the distance between the lens and subject, closer will bring more of a shallow depth of field, more farther will bring a more deeper depth of field. Lastly, focal length of the lens, zooming in with the lens will give shallow depth, while lower zoom will give a deeper depth of field.


Bizarre Astronaut
This photo stands out to me as its a very eerie image. The background is very busy with leaves scattered and branches everywhere, most likely taking place in a forest. In the center is a chair with a floating head, only visible because of a cloth that is on it. The image as a whole is strange and weird and that is why it stands out. It also is surreal because the head lacks a body, floating above a chair in an unknown forest of leaves and branches.